School and New Laptop

School starts pretty soon. I'm taking a bunch of computer courses, one of which requires a computer or a removable hard drive of over 16GB capacity (it was not recommended to use any solid state stuff). It was mentioned that the TAs don't know how to work with macbooks. I don't have a macbook. I have a powerbook. An old one. My guess is that they want us to boot off some linux deal, or something.

So, I've purchased an Asus eee 1000HA. I wanted the H, as it has bluetooth (and 802.11n draft, but I don't have any way to make use of those speeds anyhow), but it was selling for $100 more. I don't think bluetooth is worth $100. I think its worth $20, as do most people who sell them.

It will be my first new computer since I got this here powerbook. I also got 2GB of RAM for it. The new one has a much larger storage capacity, much better battery life, and a built in webcam. Surprisingly, it also has a faster processor, as this aging computer has a 1.33ghz G4, and the new one is running an Atom. It is also about half the size. I'm looking forward to getting it. It should be arriving some time early next week. Saturday if I'm really lucky.

In other news, I think I'm going to revive my hobby of playing the ocarina. After coming across this gem of the internet, I thought about playing some songs on my ocarina, but I realized that perhaps my ocarina lacks the range to play it. A little exploring led me to find sltocarina.com, which has a few large-range ocarinas, including 12 holes and 2 or even 3 chambered ocarinas, giving up to 3 octaves. I was highly impressed by some videos and the specs of one of the two chambered ones, and am considering an investment in such once I can pay off school and the aforementioned computer.


Official Christmas Report

Christmas was pretty good. It was nice to see some family, and I scored some sweet gear. I've got a wifi powered skypephone now. Its pretty sweet. I won't be able to use it until Jamie and Sterling drive up with my box of goodies. I've also gained some waterproof uno cards and some RC helicopters. The kind that battle with lasers.

In other news, I'm getting Nathan as a roommate starting winter semester. Should be fun. I've not really had a non-mission roommate before, but I guess this is about the closest thing to it.

The beginning of 2009 will also mark the end of going to the stake singles branch. Even as much as I like the people there, it needs to happen.


Made it home

I made it safely to california last night. I was picked up by a shuttle, which took me to the Salt Lake Airport, and proceeded through airport procedures. I waited there for about 2 hours while eating a sandwich from the deli and watching Monsters Inc. on my ipod. It was fun. I was worried about watching it before the flight, but I brought candy as a backup entertainment solution (there was a large amount of candy).

Once on the plane, I picked the first window seat from the front of the plane that was available (its always the one next to the wing). A man sat down on the aisle seat a short time later with a C++ book. It would make sense that the two most computer oriented people on the plane would have sat in the same row. I was able to have a lengthy 2 hour conversation with him about various nerd topics, such as AES 256 hashing, rainbow tables, our mutual dislike the the GPL in favor of BSD-style.

So that was pretty fun. Much better than trying to read "SkyMall" magazine...

Now I'm back home using Luke's computer. I don't like his keyboard a whole lot. It has one of those funny, large-sized enter keys with the backslash to the left of the miniature backspace key. So when I try to enter a backspace, it does enter instead. Highly frustrating. Although, I do seem to be able to pull a decent WPM on this thing.

Anyways, I'm home for christmas for the first time in two years. It should be pretty cool. I also received a christmas bonus at work, which is awesome. And now I have noticed that a string on my shirt is unraveling, so I'm going to utilize the fact that I'm here with my mom, fix the string and end this post. Happy Christmas!


I got some tickets to go to California for Christmas, and have worked out a schedule with work. Hopefully I will be able to afford to eat next month.

I'm thinking about developing some kind of hobby. It needs to be something fairly cheap. Or at least something without many recurring costs. Preferably something that will require me to leave this apartment. I was thinking D&D would be pretty fun and it isn't too great a deviation from things I'm comfortable with, but I could use an activity that would expand my social circle. Martial arts is too expensive. The Klingon language would involve me staying here, similar problems as D&D. Collections generally cost a lot of money or involve traveling distances outside what I'm capable of. I need suggestions.


Today's Items

I got some cool new things today.

I purchased a new rug for the living room. It is kinda blue and burgundy speckled. I dunno, but I think it looks good. I also got this bamboo-holding clay fish. He is looking straight up, and has a bunch of bamboo coming out of his mouth. Its pretty awesome. Also I bought some green-green to go with it. This was purchased at Asian Gifts.


Picture from the inside of my new place. Jamie took the photo, and Sterling raised his arms. They provided the pizza. Also Pizza Hut forgot to provide icing for the cinnamon sticks.


Work and apartment stuff.

Well, the move into the new apartment was successful. Only had one minor mishap involving the fridge being set to "off" despite containing my newly acquired consumables. Most items survived the experience.

Work went well. I've been working on this calender/scheduling system for the company. All kinds of good AJAX (well, I'm using JSON, does that count?) features to make it user friendly for the person who will be using it. Anyhow, the project is almost feature complete, and just needs some testing before it is ready to go live.

Having moved into a much larger space, and not sharing said space with anyone else, I have realized I don't have much in the line of worldly possessions. Not entirely a bad thing, but my shelves, walls and floors look quite bare. Even the bathroom counter space is rather sparse. I guess I just need to marry me a wife so she can fill up all this empty space. Any takers?



I'm moving some time tonight. It will be pretty good. My new place has got a bedroom, and a kitchen, and some storage space, as well as a nice living room.

Today I purchased some items to place inside. These items include, but may not necessarily be limited to:

  • Living room table
  • Microwave
  • Dish holding drying device
  • Trash can
  • Other kind of table that will be used as a kitchen table
  • Broom (they are for sweeping)
In a moment, I'm going to go looking for a desk. Any ideas of other things I should get?



I get to move into my new apartment on saturday. Technically, it is the basement to Jamie and Sterling's house that I'm living in now. The price is quite good for me, especially for the size and quality. I haven't seen it, but I have been told it is one of the best basement apartments around.

I need to figure out something to do for furniture. Probably I will borrow Jamie's futon thing for a bed. Probably purchase a table and a couch type thing. Probably a desk at some point, but I can use the table for a while. Thats what I'm doing now.

In other news, my ward seems good. I'm not particularly motivated to go to activities. I think I feel like a missionary at church, and it probably disrupts socializing with people. I was usually pretty good at not getting overly social with members on my mission, and it was something I had to train myself at. Probably going to take some time to train myself out of that.



I felt that the time has come for me to make one of these. I've had other blogs. They no longer exist. This one uses my google account. That is a plus.

I wish I could use monaco 10pt font.

Anywho, I'm going to use this first entry as a means of communicating my recent past.

I just got back from serving in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission. It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend it. I stayed in Maine most of the time (21 months). I really like Maine. I would like to go back some time soon.

After returning home, I moved to Provo, where I currently reside. I got a job working as a webmaster/admin for a local company.