Today's Items

I got some cool new things today.

I purchased a new rug for the living room. It is kinda blue and burgundy speckled. I dunno, but I think it looks good. I also got this bamboo-holding clay fish. He is looking straight up, and has a bunch of bamboo coming out of his mouth. Its pretty awesome. Also I bought some green-green to go with it. This was purchased at Asian Gifts.


Ms. L said...

Congrats on your new bamboo. May it bring you many years of good luck...

Anonymous said...

you recently left a comment on another blog indicating that you support California's Proposition 8, which banned ban gay marriage.

No one is refusing you the right to make YOUR marriage between a man and a woman. How EXACTLY, do two consenting adults becoming spouses threaten YOUR marriage? Is your marriage that weak, that shaky, that DOOMED, that what two people do THREATENS IT?

As a member of the church of LDS, I hope that you realize how important FREEDOM is. Honestly, if it were up to me, I'd throw you in jail for being stupid. Seriously, I think your religion is absolutely nuts, and I think that people who fall for that shit are so gullible that they should not be allowed to reproduce. BUT YOU DON'T SEE ME TRYING TO BAN YOUR CRAZY-ASS CULTISH RELIGION AND INVALIDATE YOUR MARRIAGES.

Honestly, please take a moment and realize what a terrible thing it would be if someone DISBANDED your MARRIAGE because it was performed in a temple, or because it was performed by an LDS officiant, or because the two consenting adults were LDS, which made them second-class citizens.

No one is disputing your RIGHT to your OPINION on the "sanctity of marriage". What I am disputing, however, is how you are FORCING YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ON OTHERS.

If you were an intelligent person, you would realize how erroneous your beliefs were. CIVIL RIGHTS FOR ALL HUMANS. Even the gay ones.

Bigot. I hope you feel ashamed of yourself.

Ryan said...


I'm assuming that you are referring to my comment on dormliving101.blogspot.com . If so, perhaps you have mistaken my belief in the value of her efforts with actually support for the proposition. I never stated my personal opinion on prop 8. I did express my belief against homosexual activity, but I said nothing of enforcement.

Please get the facts straight before indicating that I shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

If you want my opinion on prop 8, here it is:

I believe that when someone gets a state marriage, they are getting a three way marriage. They are marrying the other person as well as the state. Which means that the marriage is on the conditions that the state determines.

If any couple, straight, gay, or otherwise, wants complete control over their relationship (not within the voting power of the people, et all), their relationship should be forged without government license.

A very important principle in life is this: If you have to get a license to do it, it is a privilege. If all you have to do is claim something without asking, it is a right. If the state gets its legal authority from the people, then the people decide what permissions it gives.

If you want to regain control, stop asking for a license for things you want to do. When I find someone I want to marry, the state doesn't get to refuse me. The reason is because if they don't grant a license, I will just claim my right to marry. Marriage license granted by the state is a fairly recent thing, and I do not recognize the state as having exclusive authority over marriage. I don't see why others don't do the same in regard to homosexual marriage.

Anonymous said...

I did express my belief against homosexual activity,

Your belief against homosexual activity?

Bigot. Backwoods moron. Intolerant idiot.

I have a large belief against Mormon activity. I don't think you should be allowed to reproduce. I think your children should be taken away from you. I think marriage in a temple should be banned.

How does that make you feel?

Ryan said...

I feel pretty indifferent towards what you've said. Especially since you seem to have missed the point I was trying to make. Please allow me to help.

tolerant |ˈtälərənt|
1 showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with : we must be tolerant of others | a more tolerant attitude toward other religions.

From what I've written here, it should be quite clear that I'm fairly tolerant. I obviously don't agree with homosexuals getting married. Disagreeing with someone does not make you intolerant of them.

backwoods |ˈbakˈwoŏdz|
plural noun [often as adj. ]
remote uncleared forest land : backwoods homesteads.
• a remote or sparsely inhabited region, esp. one considered backward.

I have spent the vast majority of my life in the Los Angeles and Ventura counties in California, both of which are heavily populated and are hardly "backwoods".

Bigoted is a pretty subjective term. If you want to use it, go ahead.

I fail to see the value of calling me a "moron". It just isn't a nice word, and is hardly an accurate attempt to describe me. I haven't done any name calling here, and I would appreciate it if you would afford me the same courtesy.

I think I know what the issue is in my attempt to communicate my thoughts. Often times people assume that because I am against something personally (in this case, homosexual activity), that I therefore must also be opposed to allowing people the ability to choose against what I believe.

On the contrary. While I don't believe homosexuality is morally correct, I also don't believe in taking away the choice to do it. This is a fairly "tolerant" stance.

Hopefully I made myself understood in the last comment I posted that I am opposed to government regulation of any marriage. This includes heterosexual marriage. I don't believe that it is the place of the government to issue licenses for marriage, because I believe that marriage is a right of a couple to claim for themselves, not for them to ask for permission. Right now, the government in California is in the mode of denying permission to marry to homosexuals. The only reason this is even an issue is because most people, homosexuals and heterosexuals, seem to think that the state defines marriage, because they seem to think that the state has exclusive authority to marry. This is not true, and this is the source of the problem.

My position on prop 8 is that it is an attempt to solve only a surface issue. The real underlying problem is the state's control. Both sides of the prop 8 thing had it wrong. Please don't assume that because I'm opposed to homosexual activity that I'm also an avid supporter of prop 8. I know there is a better way to go about solving this issue, and the issue is by getting it out of the control of the state.

LiLa said...

ryan i totally agree with you

Elizabeth said...

ew ryan, that "ashley" chick is just a troll, delete her comment. yuck. they left that comment on a bunch of peoples blogs and are STILL trolling around, if you can believe that. like dont they have anything better to do? cure world hunger? cancer? aids? blow their nose???