Work and apartment stuff.

Well, the move into the new apartment was successful. Only had one minor mishap involving the fridge being set to "off" despite containing my newly acquired consumables. Most items survived the experience.

Work went well. I've been working on this calender/scheduling system for the company. All kinds of good AJAX (well, I'm using JSON, does that count?) features to make it user friendly for the person who will be using it. Anyhow, the project is almost feature complete, and just needs some testing before it is ready to go live.

Having moved into a much larger space, and not sharing said space with anyone else, I have realized I don't have much in the line of worldly possessions. Not entirely a bad thing, but my shelves, walls and floors look quite bare. Even the bathroom counter space is rather sparse. I guess I just need to marry me a wife so she can fill up all this empty space. Any takers?

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