Made it home

I made it safely to california last night. I was picked up by a shuttle, which took me to the Salt Lake Airport, and proceeded through airport procedures. I waited there for about 2 hours while eating a sandwich from the deli and watching Monsters Inc. on my ipod. It was fun. I was worried about watching it before the flight, but I brought candy as a backup entertainment solution (there was a large amount of candy).

Once on the plane, I picked the first window seat from the front of the plane that was available (its always the one next to the wing). A man sat down on the aisle seat a short time later with a C++ book. It would make sense that the two most computer oriented people on the plane would have sat in the same row. I was able to have a lengthy 2 hour conversation with him about various nerd topics, such as AES 256 hashing, rainbow tables, our mutual dislike the the GPL in favor of BSD-style.

So that was pretty fun. Much better than trying to read "SkyMall" magazine...

Now I'm back home using Luke's computer. I don't like his keyboard a whole lot. It has one of those funny, large-sized enter keys with the backslash to the left of the miniature backspace key. So when I try to enter a backspace, it does enter instead. Highly frustrating. Although, I do seem to be able to pull a decent WPM on this thing.

Anyways, I'm home for christmas for the first time in two years. It should be pretty cool. I also received a christmas bonus at work, which is awesome. And now I have noticed that a string on my shirt is unraveling, so I'm going to utilize the fact that I'm here with my mom, fix the string and end this post. Happy Christmas!

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