School and New Laptop

School starts pretty soon. I'm taking a bunch of computer courses, one of which requires a computer or a removable hard drive of over 16GB capacity (it was not recommended to use any solid state stuff). It was mentioned that the TAs don't know how to work with macbooks. I don't have a macbook. I have a powerbook. An old one. My guess is that they want us to boot off some linux deal, or something.

So, I've purchased an Asus eee 1000HA. I wanted the H, as it has bluetooth (and 802.11n draft, but I don't have any way to make use of those speeds anyhow), but it was selling for $100 more. I don't think bluetooth is worth $100. I think its worth $20, as do most people who sell them.

It will be my first new computer since I got this here powerbook. I also got 2GB of RAM for it. The new one has a much larger storage capacity, much better battery life, and a built in webcam. Surprisingly, it also has a faster processor, as this aging computer has a 1.33ghz G4, and the new one is running an Atom. It is also about half the size. I'm looking forward to getting it. It should be arriving some time early next week. Saturday if I'm really lucky.

In other news, I think I'm going to revive my hobby of playing the ocarina. After coming across this gem of the internet, I thought about playing some songs on my ocarina, but I realized that perhaps my ocarina lacks the range to play it. A little exploring led me to find sltocarina.com, which has a few large-range ocarinas, including 12 holes and 2 or even 3 chambered ocarinas, giving up to 3 octaves. I was highly impressed by some videos and the specs of one of the two chambered ones, and am considering an investment in such once I can pay off school and the aforementioned computer.

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