TV vs Bike

I was really proud of myself buying a new bike. I made sure to get an okay one and everything. It rained just about every day for over a week immediately after getting it. Just about enough time for me to buy a new TV.

Now I have this terrible problem: I spend a lot of time watching it. I don't ride the bike much. To make matters worse, I tend to eat while I watch TV. A lot. Despite having two meals in the evening, I managed to eat two packs of Little Debbie's swiss rolls, one of those yogurt packages, about a cup of peanuts (probably a little more sodium than was good for me) and some chocolate pudding. If there were more variety I probably would have eaten more, but thats about the extent of what I have at the moment.

That said, it's a really sweet bike. Best one I've had (not that I've had many decent bikes). Place I bought it from sold it with a year of service. I appreciate service, because I strongly dislike fixing things when I don't know much about them.

Because of these recent expenses I've also decided I need to make a budget of some kind. I do probably need money for rent, school, and food...


hike bike apartment

I figured I'm overdue for a picture. This was taken a week or so ago up at some waterfall. Nathan, Sterling, Jamie, Josh and me (not pictured). The waterfull was one of the more splashy waterfalls I can remember. Lots of mist.

In other news, I got a new bike! It is pretty nice. I don't know a lot about bikes, but this one is definitely better than any bike I've had previously. Hopefully I will use it a lot this summer and get some much needed excercise. It is some kind of diamondback bike.

Nathan is moving out in another week or so. That means my rent will go way up. Not too big of a problem though. I guess I could get another roommate if I wanted to, but I'm thinking I would rather just have it to myself.
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Trying out Cloud Sites

Trying out Mosso's Cloud Sites. I signed up for it last night. So far their chat support has been pretty decent. I moved ryanlittlefield.com to it this morning to see how well it would work. So far so good. I do need to actually do something with that page, though.

I'm also playing with OpenID and XFN, and figured I would get those all set up as well. Probably will be using ryanlittlefield.com as my OpenID from now on. Does anyone know of other social networking or cool stuff I could put in there?

Additionally, why doesn't Apache default to serving index.xhtml and have it set the Content-type as "application/xhtml+xml"? I shouldn't need to use a custom htaccess file for this...



Totally awesome birthday today. Work was just meh, but then Sterling gave me a ride home to a surprise birthday party. During which D&D was played. I was the DM. Katie was there, which is cool. Also there was a cake shaped like a dragon. It had a candle in its mouth.

Down side is that I'm getting really old...


Now what?

Finished by BIO, REL, and IT finals. Now I just need to do this CS final, but I was hoping to unwind a little before I started. This might be a problem because I'm stuck using the neighbor's WIFI (not nearly as fast, and it wont work on my people-sized computer. I also have to hold my laptop in the right place for it to work). I have nothing to do without the internet it seems. I also got the boot from my FHE group last night, so I have to find out if the new group does FHE and if they meet within walking distance. Otherwise at least I have monday nights free... Hooray?


Dungeon Master?

I broke down and ordered Keep on the Shadowfell and some DM stuff. It would be totally awesome if someone joined my facebook group for Provo DND 4e and offered to Dungeon Master for me and a few people I know.

If not I'm probably going to try DMing a game myself. This would mean I would need a patient group of D&D newbs that want to start playing too. Contact me if you live in or near Provo and want in.



I've been sick for the last few days. Totally unfun. Getting sick is a great example of something you know you shouldn't do even though everyone is doing it, but you do it anyways.

Got a sweet new computer this week. First time in forever I've had a computer with a decent monitor. Usually they consist of leftovers from some cheap gateway or something. This one is a really nice 22" from acer. 5ms response time is pretty decent, and the price was right.

I can't wait for school to get out in a couple weeks. Labs have been killing me lately, and I've still got 3 more. Once all of that is done, I have a bunch of things I will fill my evenings and weekends with in place of the lost homework. For your reading pleasure and my future reference, I will provide a list of some of these things:

1. Working on the find-a-nice-girl-to-marry thing I keep putting off.
2. Find an adventuring company for Jek, the level 1 gnome sorcerer.
3. Doing a couple freelance programming projects for people.
4. Getting back into shape.

Not that I will actually do all of these things once school gets out, but I definitely won't be able to use it as an excuse anymore. I turn 23 next month, and that feels too old. Not because I think 23 is old, but more that would prefer to have more accomplished by now.



Rented a truck from Home Depot yesterday. Hit Deseret Industries and Big Lots. Got me a new mattress, a dresser, and a sweet sofa like thing. It even converts into a slightly uncomfortable bed.

Thats Nathan. I think he was listening to a music video of some kind. It was in spanish so I don't know what it was about.


Snow Fort

I have participated in the creating of a snow mound which is capable of holding about one individual. It still needs some work, but by winter's end it should be quite an impressive feat.

During my quest for a hobby a number of activities were suggested. One of these was bird watching. At the time, it didn't really seem like something I would do. Now I have a biology class in which birds are the primary focus, and I bought a set of binoculars today. On monday I will likely purchase several bird identification books. I'm actually pretty excited about this class.

I'm already late on one of my CS142 labs. Just the orientation lab. In my defense, I actually had classes and work during the times we were allowed to come in for the orientation. I have done the part of the lab that can be done without the TAs (everything but the presentation of the orientation and the receiving of the class PIN, which requires a TA password). It will need to be given to a TA to pass off, something I hope to do tomorrow so as to avoid any more late days.


New Domain!

I bought ryanlittlefield.com ...

I bought it just so no other Ryan Littlefield's get it before me. Like that one Cell Dynamics guy thats been clogging up my #1 google ranking for years. I suppose I haven't done much under my real name, so it makes sense that someone else would have a better rank. Right now I'm number 5, and thats just my facebook.

But I don't have anything to use it for. I mean, I'm have a bunch of things I will be using subdomains for over the years, but nothing for just plain ryanlittlefield.com. My dad suggested I put up a dating application for young ladies to fill out. Pretty easy to make. I'm sure there is something else that would be a little cooler. Maybe I could make it into a resume or something...