Snow Fort

I have participated in the creating of a snow mound which is capable of holding about one individual. It still needs some work, but by winter's end it should be quite an impressive feat.

During my quest for a hobby a number of activities were suggested. One of these was bird watching. At the time, it didn't really seem like something I would do. Now I have a biology class in which birds are the primary focus, and I bought a set of binoculars today. On monday I will likely purchase several bird identification books. I'm actually pretty excited about this class.

I'm already late on one of my CS142 labs. Just the orientation lab. In my defense, I actually had classes and work during the times we were allowed to come in for the orientation. I have done the part of the lab that can be done without the TAs (everything but the presentation of the orientation and the receiving of the class PIN, which requires a TA password). It will need to be given to a TA to pass off, something I hope to do tomorrow so as to avoid any more late days.


New Domain!

I bought ryanlittlefield.com ...

I bought it just so no other Ryan Littlefield's get it before me. Like that one Cell Dynamics guy thats been clogging up my #1 google ranking for years. I suppose I haven't done much under my real name, so it makes sense that someone else would have a better rank. Right now I'm number 5, and thats just my facebook.

But I don't have anything to use it for. I mean, I'm have a bunch of things I will be using subdomains for over the years, but nothing for just plain ryanlittlefield.com. My dad suggested I put up a dating application for young ladies to fill out. Pretty easy to make. I'm sure there is something else that would be a little cooler. Maybe I could make it into a resume or something...