I've been sick for the last few days. Totally unfun. Getting sick is a great example of something you know you shouldn't do even though everyone is doing it, but you do it anyways.

Got a sweet new computer this week. First time in forever I've had a computer with a decent monitor. Usually they consist of leftovers from some cheap gateway or something. This one is a really nice 22" from acer. 5ms response time is pretty decent, and the price was right.

I can't wait for school to get out in a couple weeks. Labs have been killing me lately, and I've still got 3 more. Once all of that is done, I have a bunch of things I will fill my evenings and weekends with in place of the lost homework. For your reading pleasure and my future reference, I will provide a list of some of these things:

1. Working on the find-a-nice-girl-to-marry thing I keep putting off.
2. Find an adventuring company for Jek, the level 1 gnome sorcerer.
3. Doing a couple freelance programming projects for people.
4. Getting back into shape.

Not that I will actually do all of these things once school gets out, but I definitely won't be able to use it as an excuse anymore. I turn 23 next month, and that feels too old. Not because I think 23 is old, but more that would prefer to have more accomplished by now.

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