Trying out Cloud Sites

Trying out Mosso's Cloud Sites. I signed up for it last night. So far their chat support has been pretty decent. I moved ryanlittlefield.com to it this morning to see how well it would work. So far so good. I do need to actually do something with that page, though.

I'm also playing with OpenID and XFN, and figured I would get those all set up as well. Probably will be using ryanlittlefield.com as my OpenID from now on. Does anyone know of other social networking or cool stuff I could put in there?

Additionally, why doesn't Apache default to serving index.xhtml and have it set the Content-type as "application/xhtml+xml"? I shouldn't need to use a custom htaccess file for this...



Totally awesome birthday today. Work was just meh, but then Sterling gave me a ride home to a surprise birthday party. During which D&D was played. I was the DM. Katie was there, which is cool. Also there was a cake shaped like a dragon. It had a candle in its mouth.

Down side is that I'm getting really old...