TV vs Bike

I was really proud of myself buying a new bike. I made sure to get an okay one and everything. It rained just about every day for over a week immediately after getting it. Just about enough time for me to buy a new TV.

Now I have this terrible problem: I spend a lot of time watching it. I don't ride the bike much. To make matters worse, I tend to eat while I watch TV. A lot. Despite having two meals in the evening, I managed to eat two packs of Little Debbie's swiss rolls, one of those yogurt packages, about a cup of peanuts (probably a little more sodium than was good for me) and some chocolate pudding. If there were more variety I probably would have eaten more, but thats about the extent of what I have at the moment.

That said, it's a really sweet bike. Best one I've had (not that I've had many decent bikes). Place I bought it from sold it with a year of service. I appreciate service, because I strongly dislike fixing things when I don't know much about them.

Because of these recent expenses I've also decided I need to make a budget of some kind. I do probably need money for rent, school, and food...

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