Knife Woes

There was a wonderful time in my life a few years back. I had recently purchased a Cuda Maxx 5.5" knife by Camillus. The knife was perfect: it was made from a high quality steel, had a nice long blade (mine was partially serrated), a blue anodized titanium handle, and an incredibly powerful lock. To top it all off, it looked incredible. It was clearly not a cheap one with a couple screws holding some plastic to some chinese steel. This was the real deal. I dropped a fair bit of cash to get it, at what I thought was an amazing deal.

Some time last year I lost it. It was a great knife, and I had used it for anything I needed to cut for a long time. It felt great in my hands. I soon found myself needing a knife, but I spent so much money on it all those years ago that I wasn't going to try to replace it any time soon. Anyhow, it still hasn't turned up despite searching thoroughly every month since I lost it. I've since looked online to find a replacement. I saw one on ebay a while back; it was over $500. Camillus is out of business. Many other knives by them can still be purchased, but the Maxx is sold out everywhere.

My missing knife is now a collector's item.

I have now resigned myself to looking for a new knife. But nothing seems to be doing the trick for me.

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